‘It’s the century of the city’

Cities’ future depends on major innovation and investment challenges. Cities are the motor heart for the necessary transformation to a circular economy and green ecology. As more and more people are going to live, work and recreate in the city, in this enormous urban transformation a good and sustainable quality of life is of great importance. And therefore also sustainable values must also be added to health, well-being, health care, and quality of life and living. Not only for the (further) protection of health (environmental hygiene), but also for the promotion of health, social capital, and quality of life. Such a sustainable urban region will considerably strengthen the business climate and the competitive position. In addition to social innovations, this development also requires a new type of urban design, spatial planning and area development, and also a new, more value-driven and co-creative, participative network organization of actors. With which technological, spatial and social interventions and innovations can we shape that healthy, inclusive, smart and sustainable city of the future? And with which knowledge structure and knowledge valorisations can these transformations be facilitated?

LvB Business Development | Urban Futures and Health advises you on all these areas and will work with you to explore the transition routes and to translate them into programs and projects.