Municipality of Eindhoven – Advising on further elaboration of the Brabant Deal on Healthy Cities, healthy and smart (inner) urban densification, healthy and sustainable area development (including Eindhoven Airport), expert sessions, master classes, and explorations around a healthy, compact city in relation to spatial planning and mobility.

GGD GHOR Nederland – Advising on the positioning and assurance of ‘health’ in Environmental Visions and Environmental Plans, and the development of an administrative ‘toolbox’ for policy practice.

Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) – THE HEALTHY CITY – Delivering health through environmental and planning policy. This is the conclusion of the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure in his advisory report, entitled ‘The city as a healthy habitat: health gain through environmental policy’, published on 18 April 2018. Nowadays, cities often only look at compliance with the statutory environmental standards. The advisory council advocates promoting health in the city through other measures. With a healthy design, cities can do much more to make people more active or experience less stress. Minister Ollongren of the Interior and Kingdom Relations has received the advice: ‘THE HEALTHY CITY’.